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Drums and instruments

Hammershus Fairtrade has built up a close cooperation with the drum producer, Yao Anaglo and his family, which has been “masterdrummers”, dancers, drum producers, traders and exporters of drums and other Ghanaian rhytmical instruments for generations. 

We import drums and smaller rhytmical instruments from Yanaglo Ventures, and despite of a saturated market, we have had a relatively big success with the sale and with the dialogue concerning the development of the design and quality. 

We see a great potential in Yanaglo Ventures, where great musical quality is combined with decoration and design, and result in craftsmanship at a high level.


Light/dark carving

Height 55 cm
Diameter 32 cm

Detail light carving

Dark carving

Height 55 cm
Diameter 32 cm

 Dark carving, detail

Light, without decoration

Height 55 cm
Diameter 22 cm

Small djembes

Height approx. 43 cm



Light with carving

Height 60 cm
Diameter 28 cm


Light, detail

Rhythm and accessories

Djembe bag

Height 55 cm
Diameter 32 cm

Woven rhythmical instrument


Kalabas rhytmical instrument







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